Thursday, March 7, 2013

Character Spotlight - Gormellyn

Character Spotlight – Gormellyn 

     The Gormellyn is a harbinger of justice, deliverer of destiny, and a creature with no mercy.

     With a body the size of a large bird, but with a feline form, the Gormellyn is a small, but lethal creature. A body and legs of obsidian-black fur led to paws with razor-sharp talons. The long, thin muzzle of the Gormellyn was deceptively passive, until it opened and revealed needle-sharp fangs that glistened against black fur. The red, sibilant tongue can smell fear on the air, and the pointed, black ears can hear the words of deception spoken across the entire realm.

     Usually content to reside within its rocky lair in the region known as Steinbrekka, the Gormellyn will only leave in order to see justice done within the realm of Kaldalangra. Rarely has he been woken from his decade long slumber, but when the imposter to the throne answered the Gormellyn’s call for power, he arose angry and vengeful.

     The Gormellyn has no patience for human struggles, pain, or relationships. This creature knows only one thing, and that is justice. He has no room in his heart for those who seek to deceive those around him, and no mercy for those who cause harm to the people he claims as his own.