Thursday, September 10, 2015

My books are my babies

I usually laugh about my book babies, talk about how I was so excited and scared, but more excited when the oldest, The Lady of Steinbrekka, came into the world. Then came Heart of Kylassame and Soul of Asimina, my twins. I call them that because I wrote them simultaneously, the lives of Rhea and Sabina calling too strongly for me to put either one of them aside for too long.
Then came Finding Keepers, and she was that child you have when you have had a few years to reflect, and you are pretty sure that you are doing everything totally wrong, yet she comes out so beautiful it hurts.
And then there'd my current wip, affectionately known as the Adult Alyssa story. This story has been a long time coming, since my writing time has drastically been reduced in the last year. It also doesn't help that the novel is like a nervous new adult, ready to grow but not quite ready to be on her own, evolving and learning, finding herself while being so horribly lost.
It started as a book of grief, the story of a woman who loses her husband and is left with only her children, trying to pick up the pieces. The research behind her character created Finding Keepers, and this book is why her relationships evolved the way they did.
It's grown though, grown past the grief, grown into a beautiful love story. As love stories do, it's been a rambling journey, a sometimes pointless journey, and I'm hopeful that there won't be too many more changes as soon I can share Alyssas final love story with all of you.