Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Reads Scavenger Hunt!

My top 5 summer reads and a ridiculously good give-away!

Oh, summer, beautiful, beautiful summer. When, for 8 fabulous weeks, I don't have to wake up early, be in traffic for an hour (one way, mind you), and deal with work. Instead, I get to sleep until the glorious hour of 7:45am, entertain a 3 year old, and attempt to get my house clean enough to counteract the insanity of the last 10 months.

But I digress!

Summer is also the time for reading, lots ofs reading, lots and lots of reading. The best is when it's a gorgeous day outside and I can sit on my deck, happily half-lost in a book while my kiddo plays with her water table or splashes in her kiddie pool (although if the pool is out, I usually end up in with her, it's hot out here!)

What's on my list for this summer you say? Here we go!

1) Hopeless in Hotlanta - Dawn Pendleton and Magan Vernon

2) 21 Days - Bethany Lopez (okay, so I've already read this one, but I want to read it again
when I can actually read for more than 10 minutes at a time)

3) Dancing with Deception - Andrea Heltsley (LOVED Dancing with Death)

4) The Dream Slayer - Jill Cooper

5) Break You - Jennifer Snyder

Do you need something new to read this summer (or fall, or maybe when winter hits?) Well, then check out this ridiculously awesome give-away.

The Summer Reads Scavenger Hunt will run from TODAY until midnight on SUNDAY (19th July). To enter to win FORTY signed paperbacks by a wide range of authors PLUS $30 worth of Amazon Gift Cards, simply hop around ALL participating stops, collect all of the highlighted numbers, add them together, and then go enter the requested details along with your calculated answer in the ENTRY FORM. You can find more information on how the stop works HERE. All stops will direct you to the next place to hop across to. And don’t worry if you get lost, because the entire list of participating authors can be found HERE.

But, wait, that's not all! You can also win some fabulous swag from Aimee Laine!! She is giving away a print copy of Little White Lies AND Surrender!


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Ready for more fun? Then bop over to and keep scavenging!

Or, if you have all of your numbers and are ready to enter, then hop across to the Summer Reads Scavenger Hunt Entry Form.