Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cascade's Library Signing Day!

It's been a week now and I feel like I'm just being able to take time to breathe and reflect back on my day at the Cascades Library 2nd Annual Author Fair.

Great day, yay, great day. Although a little short...This time, non-best-selling authors (or at least that's what it seemed like) were only given a 1.5 hour time slot, while the best-sellers were there for the full 5 hour day. Totally makes sense, but I was just getting into the groove when it was time to pack up.

The day started off normal enough. Woke up a few nights with the kiddo, then got up at 7 to get dressed. 7:15 the kid wanders into the bathroom where I'm getting ready and I spend the next 45 juggling getting me ready, getting her dressed, and trying desperately to wake up enough to remember what I'm sure I'm going to forget (which was to get change, thank goodness for 24 hour ATMS).

I definitely have improved on the packing aspect of events! I was able to fit everything into 3 small boxes and 1 bag, plus the easel/book stand.

The best part of pulling the first shift of this event, is I had a full 30 minutes to set up my table. It's great when you don't really know what you want to do still, so I had time to re-adjust things (and take pictures with my fuzzy camera, which is getting replaced this weekend)
This time I took a "kitchen sink" approach to my table, complete with a wooden hawk and bubble gum dispenser (which really worked, to the surprise of the other authors by my table). Oh, and I did adjust the tablecloth after I saw how crooked it was while taking this picture.

On top of my gumball machine were my rack cards, business cards, and some reference cards that I had created for other self-published authors. I ended up handing these out left and right :)