Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Creative tables for an author signing, take 1!

I only have 3 more days to prepare for my time at the Cascades Library 2nd Annual Authors Fair and I'm excited and terrified and omg I'm never going to be ready! Or something like that. I've been trying to find different ways to be prepared, to be friendly, to have an awesome table, and there's actually surprisingly little out there. 

Oh sure, there are a lot of great articles on having a successful signing, which sum up to : be friendly, connect with potential readers, don't hide under the table (crap). But there isn't a whole lot out there for how to actually design a table!

Here's my table last year, and I don't think it's bad for having 5 minute set-up time and only one book out (at that time). But it's also not very exciting. It was a perfect reflection of "me" at the time, a little scared, a lot shy, not quite ready to bust into the author scene and go "Hello readers, I'm here!"

But I've grown a lot in the last 10 months, and I'm hoping this year's table can have a little more bang and pizzazz. So I've looked for inspiration from author's I look up to, people whose tables have no problem saying, "Hello readers, come discover your next favorite book!"

A table shared by the wonderful authors Andrea Heltsley and Elizabeth Sharp. I love all the book covers in the background, and the fun table accents.

Another one of Andrea's tables. Nice and orderly, with her books on beautiful display.

A table by Bethany Lopez, a great example of really standing out even if in a smaller space

This table is highting the work of Devyn Dawson and Tressa Messenger. They actually put boxes under the table cloth to get the books to go higher. *smacks head* Why did I never think of that?

The wonderful Elaine Fields Smith! I love how everything on this table ties into her books, set in the 1980's, from the cars to the 8-track tapes!

Want to just highlight one book? Lisa Collicut is a great example for this. While there is only one book being shown on this table, there is no doubt that you should go over and get it!

Screw the candy bowl. Liz Long gives her readers cupcakes! One for me, please!

Here is Sarah Ashley Jones, and how can you not want to go talk to a person with that smile and bright purple hair? Another great example of a small space set-up done well.

The first joint signing with Ashley Lavering and M.R. Polish

And Ashley Lavering's side of their table at UtopYA. I love the purple banner that they have and the tablecloth. So gorgeous.

There you have it, a ton of different ideas for you (and me) to use when planning author signing events! After the Cascades event and my guest speaking position at Brian Woods High School next week, it's time to collaborate with the amazing Elizabeth Sharp for our joint table at the Live Hope Believe event in August!