Are you a writer who wants to publish, but doesn't know where to begin, or who to contact? I have compiled a list here of people I have worked with, as well as people who come highly recommended by other authors to help you on your way.


Kristina Circelli - She is my editor and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is patient, funny, and has an eye for details. A great grammatical editor, she also has a very good sense of when phrases just don't come out the way the author intended. She is also an incredibly talented author.

Cover Artists

Jenny Laatsch - Jenny is responsible for bringing my vision for Heart of Kylassame to life. She took a very basic image I gave her and made it awesome. She is extremely talented at stock art manipulation. For example, in the HoK cover, she created the clothing for Rhea and Rowan, as well as the Jade Stones.

Once Upon a Time Covers - Stephanie has an option for almost any budget. I purchased the cover for Soul of Asimina from her and it was a great process. She is very helpful and a true professional. She was also extremely understanding of a fluctuating deadline and rapid changes in schedule.

Sharp Cover Design - Elizabeth Sharp is the one who brought you my awesome blog banner, as well as the design for my first series of bookmarks. Elizabeth is very efficient with her work and has a great eye for design.

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