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Kristi Strong

     I began writing early on in life, making nonsensicle squiggles on paper while my mom fastidiously wrote (in beautiful cursive) in her own diary. Those squiggles turned into actual words, which would slowly be formed into stories.

     My mother saved my very first story, printed on the old-style continuous paper (the one with holes on the side) about a girl with a magical vegetable garden. I suppose it should have come to no surprise then, that the world of fantasy and the supernatural would catch my eye.

     I am a lover of fantasy books, especially fantasy tied with historical events, or with a kernal of truth to the supernatural elements. My favorite authors include Sarah Douglass, Anne Bishop, and Juliette Marillinear.

     My interest in historical fiction led me to the incredible First North American series by Kathleen O'Neil Gear and Michael Gear. I devoured their books, drinking in their twists and turns of the the past people of our continent, while constantly being intrigued by the current aspect in their introductions.

     This fscination led me to James Madison University, where I received my B.S in Anthropology, and worked as an archaeologist for 3 marvelous years. I was given the wonderful opportunity to work on major plantations, historic sites, and pre-historic situations.

    I now live in a wonderful city in Virginia with my husband, my daughter, and our pets.

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