Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Showcase - Christina Benjamin

What is your favorite part of winter/the holidays? 
Living in Florida! I grew up in Pennsylvania so I love that I’m no longer shoveling my driveway or scraping snow from my windshield in the winter. But I do love the festivities that winter and the holidays bring. The cool air, the snuggly sweaters, bonfires, and hot cider. I love any excuse to get together with family and friends.

What is your least favorite part of the winter/holidays?
The short days! I hate that it gets dark so early. I miss being able to take my dog for a walk or go out for a boat ride after a long day of writing.

Name one great book you've read this year
Best Foot Forward by Jolene Buchheit. It made me smile the entire time I read it. That’s what I love about books, their ability to bring you joy.

What is your favorite character from another author's book? Jace from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instrument series. Plain and simple, I’m in love with him! He’s dark and brooding, tormented by his past, but underneath all of that he’s loyal and loves with a fierceness that makes me gush.

What is your favorite character from one of your own books?
Geneva. She’s an underdog you can root for and she’s really fun to write. She learns she is part of a secret legend, has magic powers and has a momentous destiny to fulfill. Not to mention she’s a teenager with bestie drama and hormones. She’s spunky, brave in the face of danger spunky and always follows her heart, doing what’s right above what’s easiest. But she’s a relatable character for me because she’s still a teenage girl, she doesn’t have the world figured out yet. She has doubts, insecurities and trouble seeing the future.

What do you enjoy doing other than writing?
Music! I LOVE music. Listening, singing along, concerts – I love it all.

You have just received 1 million dollars, but you have to spend it in 24 hours. What do you do? 
I’d buy a house in St. Augustine on Marine Street with a dock for my boat so I can watch the sunrise and get inspiration from the beauty of the water.

What is your favorite genre to read (and why)?
YA fantasy. I love the escape and unlimited possibilities of fantasy. I’m fascinated by the creative ideas and obsessed with any form of magic, legends, myths, etc. We live in the real world, I read to escape it. I like YA because of the hopefulness of the characters. They aren’t completely jaded adults yet. Plus I’ve never grown up.

What is your favorite genre to write (and why)?
Same as above. I’m a perpetual teenager with a love of magic and I’m constantly lost in my own fantasy work with the characters in my head. It’s a fun place to be.

If you couldn't be a writer, what would you be?
Wow, hard question. Can I say mermaid? Or wait, I want to be my cat! He has such a good life. He sleeps all day. Honestly I’m not sure. I think I probably will be something other than a writer some day. I’ve had so many amazing jobs and careers in my life. I think I’m a free spirit and I love the ability to try new things that excite me as they come into my life.

About the Author

Award-winning young adult author Christina Benjamin grew up in the little town of La Plume, PA where at an early age she fell in love with writing. She began to write short stories in grade school and continued practicing her trade all the way through college where she attended the University of Central Florida to complete her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Technical Writing.

Benjamin’s writing hooks fans of mega-hit YA fiction like Harry Potter and Hunger Games, and offers them a new series to obsess over. She paints a vivid world, where magic and imagination run wild in her epic tale of adventure, courage and friendship.

Christina now lives in North Florida with her husband, and character inspiring pets. She spends most of her time writing. Benjamin is dedicated to giving back to the community and speaking at schools to inspire creativity in young writers. When she has free time she enjoys to read, listen to music, shop and travel.

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Truth Overview
Trapped on a flood ravaged island full of orphans, natives and wealthy citizens of the prosperous city Lux, a young girl named Geneva finds herself enslaved at an orphanage with no future and a past she can't remember. That all changes when she meets someone who promises her that there's more in store for her than she ever could have imagined.

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Secrets Overview
Geneva finally knows the truth about her identity. The Book of Secrets gave her a name, a sister and a destiny to fulfill, but it also revealed many more secrets she must uncover. Some are dark and mysterious and beyond her wildest dreams. Now she has to decide who she can trust with her secrets and which of them she must keep to herself. Can you keep a secret? What if your life depended on it?

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Lies Overview
Can you live a life of LIES?
That’s exactly what Geneva finds herself doing to protect everyone she loves. While Geneva and her friends embark on a dangerous mission to fulfill her destiny, the dark forces that seek her powers are closing in, putting everyone she cares about at risk. Geneva must lie about who she is, what she knows and her true feelings. Are all these lies worth it or will she go too far and lose everything she’s been fighting for?

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