Saturday, March 30, 2013

Teaser time!

That's right, folks. It's time for the Indi-Licious teaser blog hop!

This week we are going back to Kaldalangra, but we will be visiting Soul of Asimina, due to be released winter 2013.

~ * ~ * ~

Sabina stood in the orchard, still as a rabbit caught in the sight of one of her father’s hunting hounds, and quickly ticked off her options.

Too close for me to run, she calculated. The strange man was over a foot taller than her, and looked to be athletic enough to overtake her before she escaped the orchard. Her friends had turned and were coming back, but too slowly, not realizing the danger. She could yell, but there was no assurance that help would come quickly enough.

She looked into the blue eyes and saw a feverish hope there, a longing so intense that it frightened her. He was covered in dust, covered in mud, and his shaggy hair was tangled with twigs and thorns.

“Hello. Are you lost?” She said, carefully backing up as she spoke, observant that he stepped closer with every step.

“I’m here. Don’t you recognize me? I’m here.” The man stretched out a hand towards her face, the movement smooth and unthreatening.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t. Are you from the court? Are you from the other world?” Sabina glanced to her right, saw her friends approaching, and saw the shift from carefree friends to young warriors as the men approached.

“It’s me. I came back to save you. I came back to help you. Now we can find our way back again, together.” His eyes were shiny with unshed tears of relief that he had finally found her.

“Why don’t you come back to the village with me? We can get you some food, some clean clothes, and then we can talk.” Sabina slowly reached out a hand for the man, heart pounding in her chest, eyes subtly tracking her friend, Nastasio, as he moved behind the stranger.

“We should leave now, before they trap you again.” He stepped forward to grab her hand, preparing to flee with her into the woods.

Nastasio moved as soon as the stranger’s hand touched his friend, and a quick elbow to the temple sent the man crumpling to the floor.


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