Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Help rebuild lives

Hi everyone. I have a serious post this time. One that isn't a cover reveal or a new release. Something that is not exciting like the Disney posts coming up, but instead is a message of need.

I spent 5 years living in the town of Tappahannock. 5 important years when I grew from a little girl into a teenager, leaving only when it was time to spread the wings the town had helped me grow and fly away to my future.

Now, that town needs my help, needs your help. On February 24th, one week ago, a tornado touched down and left destruction in it's wake. Families lost their homes, buildings were demolished, and a church was sent crashing to the ground.

Fredericksburg News Article

Images of the damage

If you could spare anything, whether it's $1, $20, or just healing thoughts and prayers, it would be greatly appreciated. Below are a list of go-fund-me sites that go to the people who have lost their homes so that they can help rebuild, or to larger organizations working to help the small community get back on it's feet after being shaken. It's a tough community filled with strong people, but even strong people could use a little support.

Help Huey and Robin Packett

Help the Mahan family

Help Donna and Paul Richardson

Help the Swiger family

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