Monday, March 18, 2013

Why I write Indie

Welcome to my first installment in the “Why I write Indie” series. I will be featuring a weekly interview and/or guest blogs with some Indie writers I know, who have some amazing novels.

I am an Indie writer, and self-published, for several reasons. First and foremost, because while writing is my passion, it is not enough (yet?) to pay my bills. Most days I cannot devote more than one hour to my novel creations, due to my lovely 2 hour work commute, 8 hour work day, and then my other full-time job as a toddler wrangler (aka, mom to an almost 2 year old). You can imagine that this schedule would not fly with the traditional publishing needs for quick edits and solid deadlines.

My writing is also very personal to me, and I like having very little hands in the pot, if you will. Over the year that it takes me to write/publish a novel, the characters become like my children, and I cannot imagine handing over control of their lives (aka plot-lines) to someone who doesn’t know the plot for the next book in the series, or the ideas banging around in my head for a 4th book.

Self-publishing allows me to do what I can, when I can. Yes, in some ways it is much more difficult since I have no marketing team other than myself, but I can deal with that. I am able to schedule events for when it fits my family’s schedule, and go past a self-imposed deadline without huge fall-backs. I am able to meet an incredible array of people who help me to create covers, bookmarks, web banners, and all the things I don’t have the talent to achieve. Until I started researching the Indie world, I had no idea about the incredibly talented men and women who work in the Indie world.

It’s not laziness, but simply accepting the reality of my life, and being able to merge my life as an author with my life as a computer tech, wife, and mom.

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