Monday, April 8, 2013

Character Spotlight - The Aos Si

    The Aos Si, or Sisters of Mourning, are three women who reside in the rocky cliff of Steinbrekka. Cursed to a life within their stone prison, Sorella, Nina and Leora lament the evil that has spread over the realm of Kaldalangra. They have made it their calling to watch over the souls of the damned, people sent to their deaths by the evil King Verikhan.

    While their silver-white hair, porcelain skin and piercing blue eyes give the Aos Si a spectral appearance, the sisters are, in fact, alive. Trapped within their curse, they cannot die, but instead are doomed for an immortal life of pain and grief for the souls they could not save.

    Immediately loved by the sisters, Rhea stumbles into their lair after the King sends her to Steinbrekka to break her sanity, or end her life. After stumbling through a strange door in the rock wall, she meets the sisters and gains strength from their song.

    The story of the Aos Si will be continued further in the fourth book of the Kaldalangran series, Grace of Kaldalangra, due to be released summer 2014.

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