Saturday, June 27, 2015

Resolutions for Utopia 2016

Well, I've just bought my ticket for Utopia2016, and that means I've got some planning to do! Here is my list of things I would love to accomplish before Utopia rolls around

1) Finish at least 1 of my WIPs. I currently am working on the (clean) adult companion novel to Finding Keepers and there is a good chance I will have it published by next summer. I am also working on the 4th book in the Land of Kaldalangra series, but that one will likely not be finished by then.

2) Be more regular with blog posts. My goal is to post on here at least once a week. It may be short, but it will be something :)

3) Be more regular with my newsletter. I have been quiet in the past because I don't typically have a lot going on in my book life. While listening to the marketing panel it was pointed out that a newsletter doesn't have to be about your books! Lightbulb moment!

4) Have more confidence in my awesomeness. This has been a problem for me ever since my high school days, when I was constantly plagued with doubt that people didn't really want to be my friend. Even now, it's hard to break out of the mental mindset that I'm "just ok" and not someone others will be around. I'm just going to hang this picture of me and author BJ Sheldon on my wall, because if she wants to hang out with me, I'm definitely awesome.

5) Be more active in the Utopia community leading up to the event. I was bad about that this year, because, well, work/life balance/pendulum and all of that. I'm going to work on that more for Utopia2016, because there are a ton of amazing people that I need to know better :)

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