Friday, January 10, 2014

Better Nature review

Can I share a little secret with you? I am horrible at book reviews! I always was, and probably always will be, bad at book reviews. I know, a little ironic right? I will write novels all day, but book reviews? Not so much.

That being said, I have been reading some absolutely amazing books lately, so I am going to try to do them justice.

And we are going to start with...

Better Nature, by Elizabeth Sharp (Yes, the same Elizabeth Sharp who designed my blog banner. What can I say, she's a talented woman!)

I went into this book tentatively. Starting a series with the final book is always a hit or miss kind of thing. If I know how it all ends, will I want to read the beginning? Will I be totally lost and confused?

Elizabeth Sharp did this one the right way! While I was slightly confused about the relationships between the character and their past, within a few chapters I began to understand. She gave just enough that you knew what was going on with the story and were able to slip into it, but also left out enough that you WANT to go back and read the first two books so that you get the entire story.

I really loved all of her characters, especially the main character, Amelia. I am a total nature girl, so this book really held an appeal to me with all of the nature spirits and special earth powers. Loved it! The relationships were very true to nature, full of complex feelings and real world problems, while taking place in a supernatural kind of way. 

In conclusion (don't all book reviews have to have that? I seem to remember that from the last time I wrote one, you know, back in high school - or middle school?), I highly recommend you read this book. An awesome read for teens and adults alike, I loved this finale to the Forces of Nature Series.

~*~*~ Update : OMG I'm so excited :) I just won a copy of Elizabeth Sharp's second book in the Forces of Nature Series, Second Nature with the original cover! Talk about awesome timing :)

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