Monday, April 28, 2014

A day in the life - Suzanna Lynn

1) How long have you been writing with the intent of publishing?

~Though I have written off and on my whole life, I honestly never dreamed of publishing until two months ago.  It was like this light bulb went off and said "Maybe someone else would enjoy reading your stories."

2) Where do you write?

~Where ever inspiration hits me.  I have pulled over on the side of the road to write, I have written several chapters in my daughter's gymnastics practice.  I do a lot of my writing in my home office, though, but that's more about taking everything I have written in my notebook and turning it into an actual story.

3) How long do you spend writing each day (or week if daily is not possible)

~It really just varies. I write when I'm inspired. So on a good day, I may spend twelve hours writing, other days, ten minutes.  I try to do a little each day, however.

4) What holds you back from writing? (writer's block, work, children, cats sitting on the keyboard, no computer, etc.)

~I will admit, I'm a very busy woman.  I have three kids and I run my own bridal business on top of writing. But I would say my biggest obstacle is myself.  Those times when you think, "This doesn't work" or "Nobody wants to read this."  But I try to hold on to everything I write, and go in with a fresh attitude later on and it works out.

5) What would your ideal "day as an author" consist of?

~I don't know that my 'day as an author' could exist without also having 'my day as a mom' or 'my day as a wife'.  My family is so much a part of my life!  I suppose, if I had to choose, I would just like to spend the day with people who have read my work and enjoyed reading it.  Getting to know those people and see how their lives might have been touched by something I wrote is one of the most rewarding things I can think of.

6) What would you like readers and aspiring authors to know about "being an author"

~I guess my best advice for aspiring authors is to remember that every author was new at one time.  Every author, no matter how famous they are now, has thrown papers in the trash or pushed the delete button and thought it wasn't worth trying anymore.  The thing you must remember is that, no matter what, no one will ever read your book if you never share it.  Somewhere, someone in the world is waiting for your story.

Author Suzanna Lynn is a full-time mom of three beautiful, energetic children.  In 2009 she built her own home business, Serendipity Bridal, as a way to stay home with her children while keeping a steady income.  Though she still runs this company today, her passion for writing is what truly drives her.

Growing up in the Ozarks, Suzanna wandered the fields and woods surrounding her home as a child, imagining them to be filled with fairies, dragons, and all number of creatures. Having not lost her childhood imagination, Suzanna has written numerous poems, songs and short stories that have won various awards.  However, it was only recently that she decided to stop wishing she could write a book, to making the dream a reality.

She currently has three different book series' (all romance) in the works, one of which (The Bed Wife Chronicles) is set to be published this summer.

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