Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 goals

2016 you guys. Where the heck did this year come from? Not to be all reminiscent, but I still remember all of the hooplah of 2000, and you are telling me it's now 16 years later?

So, what's going to happen in 2016 (well, what am I going to PLAN to happen, because we all know what happens to plans, haha)

This is the year to focus on my business, on really doing everything I can do to help my books get into the hands of readers. That means :

Getting a newsletter up and running (and all of the logistics with it)
Getting a ficticious name license so I can really start pushing Strong Novels as a brand and business
Getting my website up and running (it's slowly getting there)
Re-branding myself
Being more involved in the community, both local and afar.

Also in the makings is the finishing of my current Alyssa/Caleb WIP, as well as getting some words down in a new 5(ish) YA paranormal series that I am super excited to begin (and hopefully finish).

While I can't promise to bring you armloads of new books written by me this year, I can promise to give you armloads of books by other fabulous authors to pass the time :)

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