Saturday, June 1, 2013

Teaser time - Heart of Kylassame

It's teaser time! I've been taking a short hiatus from these so that I don't reveal too much of the story, but with Heart of Kylassame releasing in just 28 days (Eek!) I thought I would give you a little appetizer.

~ * ~ * ~

     Mikel turned toward Rhea, who had remained seated on her mare, Kalar. “Welcome to Asimina, Lady Rhea. It has been too long since we have had your grace shine among us.”

     Rhea glanced at him before shifting her empty eyes to the village. “There isn’t much to shine anymore.”

     Mikel exchanged a sharp glance with Sebast. “Well, we will just have to fix that now, will we not?”

     Rhea ignored him and, with the quiet encouragement of Sebast, slid off her mount. “Some things can’t be  fixed,” she whispered, but allowed the long-time protector of Asimina to lead her into the village.

~ * ~ * ~

What is happening to poor Rhea? I seem to really be giving her the raw edge in the book. Hopefully it will all work out for her, but who knows?

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